Psonic (stylized as PSONIC or sometimes called PSONIC Team) is an Asian independent video game developer and publisher based on General Santos City, Philippines. It was originally founded in 2011 but again in 2012 by Axl Jet Baños, a guy and the only representative of the team who is interested in playing and designing computer video games with game engine development programs such as Game Maker and Multimedia Fusion 2. As the name of this organization, it starts from an acronym called Project Service of Originality and Nicely Integrated Conception/Creation (or just simply Project Service of Originality N'/And Integrated Conception/Creation). Later after his college work in experiencing job, it will be re-established as an interactive company called PSONIC Incorporated.


Since 2008, the owner's mind has been rumored to the name for the future indie video game company known as Psonic when he inspired Game Maker, the first game engine he experienced in his mind.