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The A-45 Interstellar Warrior is the star fighter craft that served as the main hero in the upcoming vertically scrolling shooter video game titled Space Warrior.


Built by Armstrong Aerospace Dynamics Inc. for United Globe Protectorate, the A-45 is commonly used to protect humankind from the plans of a fanatical alien threat, mostly Xenorians. In the game, it has balanced power and can be useful for many players distanced from beginners to experts alike.


The A-45 Interstellar Warrior appears to be a spacecraft model. It has blue cockpit, twin auto guns, silver spacecraft armor, wings with white outlines, white rudder and black turbines. For the second player, it differently features gray cockpit and blue spacecraft armor.


The A-45 Interstellar Warrior uses several different weapons, such as the Vulcan Cannon (its default primary weapon), Laser Gun, Spreader Auto Cannons, Wave Laser, Missiles, Napalm Missiles, Burst Missiles, Homing Missiles and thermonuclear bombs.


  • The model number of this fighter craft comes from the late 1945 where the United Nations has founded in New York City after the satisfying end of the Second World War.